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Should I Get A Dumpster Before I Start Demolition Or After?

Getting an idea of whether to hire a dumpster before or after demolition can make it easier to estimate the total cost you will incur on demolition. In most cases, the number of dumpsters you may require will depend on the size of the building and the materials that were used to build it. It may seem like a brilliant idea to get a dumpster after the demolition but it could turn out to be costly and dangerous especially for the workers on site. This article discusses some of the reasons why you should get a dumpster before you start demolition and how to go about the selection process.

Reasons to Get a Dumpster before Demolition

  • Provides a Ready Dumpsite On-Site
demolition and construction

Demolition puts out larger amounts of construction waste that need to be disposed of somewhere. Having a dumpster ready on-site makes everything easier and neater once the demolition project begins. All you need to do is walk over to the container and dispose of trash and other debris from the demolished building. You could have your dumpster hauled off daily or you could rent several dumpsters at once and be allowed a specific time to fill them up.

  • Creates a Safer Work Environment

You do not want pieces of sharp metal, glass, and other hazardous building materials lying everywhere in the compound waiting for a dumpster. Anyone on site could be injured in the process when trying to find their way around the waste. Having a dumpster on site reduces accidents caused by dangerous objects on the ground that could attract heavy compensation for workers who are badly injured while on duty.

  • Collect Wastes Separately

Different dumpster rental services have strict rules on the type of waste that should be disposed of in their containers. The advantage of renting one upfront gives you a good idea of what can go into the dumpster. Once your demolition project begins, you will not have a problem filling it up with the right amount of waste because it was discussed beforehand. You will be in a better position to make separate waste disposal plans for different types of special wastes such as old fuel tanks, paint cans, tires, and asbestos.

  • Protect Existing Infrastructure

It is not advisable to pack up wastes in your backyard when demolishing a building as it could turn out to be more costly than you thought. A lot of unexpected weight from your demolition wastes could damage the existing infrastructure in your compound that could cause severe fines from your city or county. A rental dumpster is usually placed in a safe area like your driveway, far away from buried natural gas lines, plumbing, and utility lines running underground.

How to Rent a Dumpster for a Demolition Project

It is important to know the dangers of the structure before you bring down a building. This may vary depending on how long it was built and its existing condition now. Before you decide on a dumpster, you need to estimate the size you will need based on your demolition project. Larger demolition projects will need a large-size dumpster or several medium-sized dumpsters to get the work done. It is cost-effective to take the largest dumpster for the quantity of waste you may generate on your demolition project. You will have saved more on disposal costs if a larger dumpster reduces the need to rent a second or third dumpster.

Accurate estimation of expected debris could minimize your disposal costs and make it easier to choose the right dumpster for your waste management needs. When contacting your dumpster rental service, it is crucial to be clear on your disposal needs as well as your schedule before you can choose a container. To determine the right dumpster size that best suits your needs, it is important to contact a local waste removal company to get a quote before you can initiate the demolition process. It is also important to contact the city regulation authorities for the correct dumpster placement to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

Although a demolition project can be quite messy, you can always stay organized by renting the right-size dumpster to manage your waste disposal needs. The total cost of disposing of wastes from your demolition project could escalate quickly if you do not plan well. With proper planning, you can eliminate or reduce delays that occur during dumpster delivery, swap-outs, and pickups. This allows your demolition project to be done quickly and efficiently thus saving you time and money.