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What is a roll-off Dumpster?
A roll-off dumpster is a large metal refuse container that can be used for a variety of uses. They can be used to haul heavy debris such as concrete rubble, asphalt, stone and dirt. They can also be used to haul construction debris away from new construction homes and home remodeling projects. Homeowners often use roll-off dumpsters to remove unwanted items from their homes. They can be used to clean out basements, garages, attics, properties or the contents of an entire home. They are a very useful tool when improving your property.

What sizes do roll-off dumpsters come in?
Roll-off dumpsters come in many sizes and variations. Here at D&D Disposal, we carry 12 yd, 20 yd and 30 yd containers. The dimensions of the different size boxes can be found here on the website.

How do I know what size dumpster I need?
Every project is different and therefore there is no “one” correct answer for this question. We have many, many years of experience helping our clients finish their projects so your best bet is to tell us what you are trying to accomplish with the container and we will happily provide you with our best advice based upon our experience.

Is there a weight limit on how much I can put in the dumpster?
Yes. Each roll-off dumpster has a specific weight limit and there are overweight charges for any excess weight. The fees for overweight vary based upon the size of the dumpster rented and the type of material being disposed of. Again, just let us know what size you need and what you are putting into the dumpster and we will advise you of all ton limits and overweight fees before you rent the dumpster.

How do I know if I’m exceeding the weight limit of my dumpster?
Each dump utilized for disposal provides a dump ticket with the inbound and outbound weight of the truck carrying the dumpster. The difference between the 2 weights is what was dumped. We will always be happy to provide you with a copy of your dump ticket. Simply call the office and provide your email address and it will be scanned and emailed to you for your records.

Will the dumpster damage my property?
While most dumpsters never leave a lasting mark on the property, they can damage your property. For instance, a heavy dumpster can sink into a blacktop driveway. The dumpster can leave indentations as well as holes in the driveway. Again, this is the rarer outcome, but it can (and occasionally does) happen.

Do I need insurance just in case I damage the dumpster?
While I am not a qualified insurance professional, I am a dumpster company owner. I can only speak for myself, but in over 18 years of business, we have had many dumpsters damaged by customers. In cases where the damage is minor, we do not seek reparations. In more severe cases, customers have been billed for damage. Billable damage includes, but is not limited to holes in the floor/sides, broken/bent doors, smashed sides, structural damage (usually caused by moving containers with machines).

Can I move the container?
No. The container was placed by a professional truck driver who assessed many things you may not even be aware of. For instance, he has ensured there are no overhead obstructions or wires, that there is enough room to pull the dumpster, that the dumpster is legally placed and that the dumpster won’t be a traffic hazard. If you move a dumpster and we can’t remove it, you will be billed for the costs of removing the dumpster by whatever means necessary.

Are your disposal operations environmentally friendly?
Yes. D&D Disposal complies with all laws and regulations of the State of New Jersey and the United States of America. We are governed by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection and D&D Disposal has a clean record with all agencies and all our licenses are in good standing.

How much is a ton?
A ton is 2,000 lbs.

What are your hours of operation?
The office is open Monday through Friday 7 AM – 5 PM. The trucks however are in operation earlier and go home later than 5 PM. Trucks also run on Saturdays (by appointment).

Do you charge to move my dumpster to another location on my property if we are still using it?
If you need a dumpster delivered from one site to another, it can be arranged. Separate hauling fees will apply and will vary based upon the distance and time required to move the dumpster.

What materials are not allowed in dumpsters?
While most materials are allowed in dumpsters, there is a list of unacceptable items found in the Learning Center on the website.

Can I get a discount for my dumpster if it’s only for roof shingles?
This is a common question and unfortunately the answer is no. Roof shingles can be recycled, but there are very few places that accept roofing as a recyclable and there are none in Ocean or Monmouth Counties. Roof shingles are classified as Type 13C Waste (construction waste) in New Jersey.

How soon can I get my dumpster?
In many cases, it can be the same day. If same day delivery is not available in your case, next day delivery is almost always available.

Do you give an exact time delivery for dumpster drop offs?
Trucking is not an exact science. We deal with traffic, weather and trucks that can break. We also deal with lines of unknown duration in our disposal facilities. We can however usually give you a pretty good idea of what part of the day we will be arriving. We will also happily call you on a number you designate when we are enroute to your delivery.

Do I need to be present when my dumpster arrives?
You do not need to be present when your dumpster is delivered. If you will not be present for your delivery, please provide clear placement instructions when ordering your dumpster.

How long can I keep my dumpster?
The guaranteed rental period on a dumpster is 1 week. After the 1 week period, we will happily let you keep your dumpster for as long as you need it (providing we don’t need it back first).

What if I need my dumpster longer than the scheduled pickup time?
If you need to keep your dumpster longer than the scheduled pickup time, just give us a call. If we don’t need it, we will happily leave it out for your longer.

Do I need to schedule a removal date for my dumpster?
Yes and no. We ask that you simply call us and let us know if you will need it longer than a week and then to call us when you are finished with the dumpster. Pickups are normally done within 48 hours of your call to remove the dumpster.

Where do my materials in the dumpster go after it’s picked up?
Different materials go to different dumps. Debris (construction, house contents, etc…) are sent to sanitary landfills where the garbage is buried at the end of each day. Other materials that are recyclable (concrete, tree parts, stumps, dirt, leaves, etc….) are sent to recycling centers that can handle the specific debris in your container.