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Dumpster Rental

D&D Disposal Offers A Wide Array Of Dumpster Container Services in Central NJ.

We offer 12, 20, and 30 cubic yard containers in multiple configurations, giving us outstanding flexibility to meet your specific needs. You may need a 30 cubic yard container, but only have space for a traditional 20. Not a problem for D&D! We are happy to rent you a 20, dump it and leave a 12 or whatever needs you may have. We are flexible to YOUR needs, not ours.

Dumpster Rentals for Almost any Type Debri!

You can use our containers for removal of everything from debris in your garage or home to your heaviest concrete or asphalt removal. We have the equipment to meet your special needs and get the job done. Our modern fleet of vehicles has specialized hoist systems to give us the flexibility to get the container where you need it.

Our state-of-the-art Sterling cable hoist roll-off featuring a 75,000 lb “American Roll-off” hoist and a 450 horsepower Mercedes-Benz engine is capable of hauling the heaviest containers.

Dumpster rentals in NJ made easy!

Our Ford “hook-lift” roll-off featuring a 20,000 lb American “Hook-All” hoist can meet your special needs. This unique design allows us to maneuver containers into tight places with the ability to move containers AROUND many obstacles! This truck is a customer favorite and has put many smiles on our customers’ faces.

Dumpster Sizes Explained:

Below are TYPICAL or ESTIMATED amounts to give you a good idea of what size can be used for typical applications and projects. Some people will have more or less debris depending on their circumstances. It is hard to make this fit like a glove for every project because every project is different. This is based on the average customer use.

Small Dumpster Rental (12 Yard): 

When renting a dumpster you may think that you need the biggest one available, but don’t be fooled, a small dumpster may be able to handle the job just as well. Small dumpsters will also cost less money and look less unsightly.

A small dumpster should be used when performing a loosely packed or small garage clean-out, cleaning up after a large party or wedding, or if you are doing a small bathroom remodeling job.

What can fit in a 12-yard dumpster?

  • Approx. 70-90 contractor bags (33 gallons)
  • 3-4 pickup trucks full to the top (not stacked crazy)
  • Typical for a bathroom remodel
  • Concrete/dirt/asphalt removal
  • Roof jobs (12-yd can handle approx. 30 square of roof shingles or a 15 square 2 layer rip off. Hit me up and I can explain roofing via phone easier)
  • Small cleanout projects

Dumpster Rental for Construction in NJ

2-3 tons of trash

Medium Dumpster Rental (20 Yard):

A medium-sized dumpster is perfect for when you cannot decide between getting a small or large dumpster.

Consider getting a medium-sized dumpster when cleaning out a very large or tightly packed garage, remodeling a spacious bathroom or kitchen, having a small construction job, or for small structure demolition.

You will be surprised at how much junk can fit into a medium-size dumpster, and allow you to have more space on your driveway.

What can fit in a 20-yard dumpster?

  • Approx. 110-130 contractor bags (33 gallons)
  • Kitchen or medium size remodel projects
  • Largest size for concrete/dirt/asphalt
  • Most roof projects (can handle approximately 60 square of roofing
  • Typical house/1 car garage/basement/attic cleanouts (basic cleanout, not filled rooms, and total cleanout)
  • Many landscape projects
20-yard dumpsters.
Sizes: 16ft L X 7.5ft W X 5ft H

4,000-6,000 pounds of trash

Large Dumpster Rental (30 Yard):

Large dumpsters should be used when you know that you will have a great amount of debris to be moved. Large dumpsters will usually be necessary when remodeling several areas at once, when performing an entire estate clean-out, for large construction jobs, or in commercial settings.

What can fit in a 30-yard dumpster?

  • 225 – 250 contractor bags (33 gallons)
  • Major demolition projects
  • Large additions/remodel projects
  • Large roof jobs
  • Home construction
  • Bulk home contents removal
  • Total house cleanout of contents
  • 2 car garage cleanout (full garage)


30 yard dumpsters: 16ft L X 8ft W X 7ft H

30 yard long dumpsters: 22ft L X 7.5ft W X 5ft H

30 yard dumpsters
30 yard long dumpsters

7,000-10,000 pounds of trash

Need a dumpster in a tight space?  NO PROBLEM!

D & D Disposal excels in expertly fitting dumpsters into even the most challenging and confined spaces. With years of experience in waste management, our team possesses unmatched expertise in navigating tight quarters while delivering efficient and hassle-free disposal solutions. We understand that urban environments, construction sites, and residential areas often present space limitations, making our skill in precision placement invaluable.

Our specialized equipment and skilled operators ensure that we can seamlessly maneuver and position dumpsters where others may struggle. Whether it’s a narrow alley, a crowded construction site, or a residential driveway, we pride ourselves on finding the perfect spot for your dumpster rental, optimizing space utilization without compromising accessibility or safety. Count on D & D Disposal to handle your waste disposal needs with finesse, even in the most challenging spatial constraints.