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How Long Can I Rent a Dumpster in New Jersey?

The duration that one can rent a dumpster varies from one geographical location to another or simply from one state to the next. There is no uniformity and this topic has been quite confusing to many due to the lack of ample information pertaining to the same. Renting a dumpster has become a normal endeavor as people seek viable ways of undertaking this task effectively. However, there are many obstacles associated with renting one due to time limitations as some could opt and desire to rent it for an extended period whereas others could choose to have it for a smaller period in case they do not have a lot to dispense or rid of.

This leaves many conflicted due to the paucity of information thus a lot of inquiries have to be made to establish for how long one can rent a dumpster in New Jersey.

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There are several factors, which have a bearing on how long one can hire a dumpster hence this ought to be delved into exhaustively. This article shall highlight and discuss this question so that you can stand to be properly guided.


It is vital to note that the length of time, which one is allowed to retain a dumpster, depends on its size. Some companies are more inclined to rent it out for a specific period that is strictly dependent on its size. The implication herein is that there are variations and a 10 yard which is deemed to be standard is rented out for 14 days. It is dropped off at your chosen location based on your availability.


Permits could massively affect the period of time that a dumpster is rented out in New Jersey. The municipality where one is situated could affect the obtaining of a permit, especially in the streets. A permit could affect the process of hiring a dumpster since some municipalities in New Jersey could have different guidelines and stipulations which often dictate for how long the dumpster is rented out including other technicalities and inhibitions. It is therefore vital to liaise with the necessary authorities to be fully aware of any impediments that could affect how long you can rent the aforementioned across the varied municipalities albeit in the same New Jersey State.

Common period

Many companies usually offer the dumpster for a complimentary 14-day period within which one is expected to have fulfilled his use or utilization. However, this is not cast on stone. Many companies are flexible in that they can allow you to finish earlier than agreed. In this case, it is only imperative that you take the necessary steps to inform the company that you have finished using the dumpster earlier than anticipated so that they can make the necessary adjustments and come to collect it at a suitable time. Further, the task might get out of hand necessitating an increment in the days which one has hired the dumpster. This can be made after discussing the same and arriving at a certain agreeable compromise with the company. Most of this is usually related to money and many companies in New Jersey often do these extensions at a specific bespoke company daily flat-rate pricing.

This topic is quite abstract and has been subjected of long protracted debates. There is no agreeable consensus regarding the standard rental period of a dumpster in New Jersey. Many experts and pundits have aptly stated that this is quite impossible since there are no obligations and governing rules imposed on these companies to hire out the dumpsters for a specified standard amount of time. This decision is left to the company and its executives as long as all the permits and other related regulations are duly complied with. The dumpsters are therefore rented on whims premised on the inclinations or decisions of the company after making certain personal internal considerations. Briefly, it is quite impossible to find a standard rental period not only in New Jersey but more so in other distinct states.

Suffice to say, many companies in New Jersey usually rent a dumpster for 14 days but with room for necessary adjustments depending on usage, size of the task, derailment and any other incidentals that could affect the amount of time, which the dumpster is rented out for. This contractual freedom is important to ensure that one does not rent a dumpster for a fixed period of time, which could be longer or shorter, and not in tandem with the intended use. This article has amply answered the question thus you stand to be properly guided.