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D & D is proud to be serving both Monmouth County, NJ and Ocean County, NJ. We love the Jersey Shore!

Monmouth County is very large and while the very northern portions of Monmouth can be out of our reach, please call and make sure. We do our best to help everyone in need of excellent dumpster rental services. For over 20 years we have been serving the Garden State and we aren’t going anywhere soon. Debris boxes, dumpsters, junk removal and demolition are all part of our service to you, the New Jersey home owner or contractor. We have corporate accounts for those wanting to utilize us now and in the future. Monmouth County has over 650,000 residents and is the heart and Center of New Jersey. It is also a large county with over 665 square miles of land.

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Our trucks are everywhere throughout Central New Jersey and we have excellent communication with dispatch so you never have to worry about your dumpster being late or delaying your project. If you see that big D & D on the side of a truck or dumpster… That’s us! We understand reliability is very important. The owner, Dale Olander, knows his customers well and the importance of being on-time and on-budget. While not the cheapest dumpster rental company in New Jersey, we are very competitive. However, our best customers value honesty, dependability, and understanding and know that the cheapest price is not always the best service. While we will never put down our competitors, we are aware of the costs involved with poor service and old technology. We want you to know from the very beginning that you are in great hands. Any issues, we are one call away and will correct them to your satisfaction… QUICKLY!

Ocean County is also a large county in NJ. Nestled right along side the jersey shore, it covers 915 square miles! Yes, even larger than Monmouth County although the population is less. Our dumpster rental services cover almost all of Ocean County and definitely along the shore. Toms River, NJ is our home base, so we are very visible in all of the beach communities along the Jersey Shore. When Hurricane Sandy hit, we were working day and night to help home owners and businesses alike put their lives back together. Many times we had to pick up and drop off dumpsters in in the middle of the night just to keep up. Luckily, we had the resources to make a big impact and many friends along the way. The Hurricane Sandy days are mostly behind us now, but that period had us expanding for years as we ordered more trucks, dumpsters, and improved our technology as well. New Jersey is tough and we never give up or quit. Now, the Jersey Shore is better than ever!

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What can I throw away? What cant I throw away?

Remember, not everything is allowed in a dumpster and we want to make sure we are following all laws, rules, and NJ regulations. If you are every wondering about what can and cannot be placed in your dumpster, please simply ask us. We are familiar with what are classified as hazardous materials and what are not. It can get confusing and seem silly, but large fines can be applied if the laws are not followed.

A quick list of things NOT allowed in a dumpster are paint, asbestos, televisions, tires, aerosol cans, HVAC units, refrigerators, car batteries and dry cell batteries.

A quick list of things that you can use a dumpster for are furniture, asphalt, brick, stone, roofing materials (shingles), siding, carpets, cardboard, most small appliances and electronics like printers & computers.

We know you have lots of options when choosing a dumpster rental company. We have the knowledge and understanding to help make sure you know you have made the right choice. D & D would love to earn your business and provide you with the service you deserve. We hope you give us a try when considering a dumpster rental service for your next project. We are family owned and operated, honest, and we will treat you right. Please contact us anytime!