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How is Professional Demolition Different From DIY?

Demolition is one of those things many homeowners want to do themselves. Why? Because grabbing a sledgehammer and taking down a wall actually sounds like fun. Sure, you might need an expert to actually rebuild what you want to be built, and to give you a brand new finish. But when it comes to tearing something down, there’s no reason to hire an expert — right? You might as well tear into it yourself and have fun with the process.

This reasoning is problematic for any number of reasons. Depending on what exactly you’re demolishing, going the ‘DIY’ route can be very counterproductive indeed. For example, if you’re tearing down a wall, there are all kinds of questions that need to be asked. Is the wall load-bearing? Does it contain electrical, plumbing or HVAC infrastructure? Will the remodeling process become more expensive as a result of incorrect demolition?

Even if you intend to demolish something (an old tool shed, for instance) that you don’t intend to replace or rebuild, there are any number of safety concerns associated with demolition that have to be carefully thought out and address. If you simply grab a sledgehammer and start swinging, you might find it ultimately more trouble than it’s worth.

So in a nutshell, what’s the difference between professional and DIY demotion?

First off, experience. Companies who specialize in demolition often have hundreds or even thousands of demolition projects under their belt. This is how the best techniques and methods are learned and established. It’s also how companies become more efficient and are able to offer you a higher level of services at a lower price point.

Second, safety. Part of the reason you want to outsource many demolition projects is because you don’t want to subject you or your family to the safety risks — nor do you want to invest in a lot of equipment you’re only going to use once. Professional demolition saves you this hassle by providing safe, careful demolition that doesn’t require a lot of fussing around or trips to the hardware store.

Third, cleanup. What are you going to do with all of that material once you’re finished demolishing it? Most reputable demolition specialists include cleanup and removal as a standard part of your service. Now that’s easy.

Finding the right demolition specialist for the job

If you’re in the market for professional demolition services, you’ll probably notice any number of “handymen” and “jacks of all trades” who claim to offer high quality demolition. But what you really want to look for is a company that specializes in this service and has built up a reputation for service, safety and success. That’s how you know you’re going to get the very best demolition results at the very best rate — every time.

There are obviously cases when DIY demolition is fun, safe and rewarding. But for all of those other demolition projects, make sure you choose a professional who offers the whole package. When your project is all finished and complete, you’ll be glad you did!