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3 Reasons to Let a Professional Handle Your Demolition Project

DIY is a huge industry these days, and it extends into just about every aspect of living. More people than ever are interested in cooking their own gourmet meals, planning their own itineraries, and tackling home improvement projects on their own — or with limited professional help.

Obviously this isn’t a bad thing. People get a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment out of doing things themselves. And with the huge amount of free instructional content online, covering basically any subject you can imagine, it’s possible to achieve very good results with any number of projects that may have previously required professional help.

But not all projects around the house should really be considered DIY material. There are still things that need to be accomplished in a highly professional manner, and even the most detailed instructions cannot take the place of expertise and years of experience.

Demolition is something that definitely falls into that category. It may seem like the easiest thing in the world, but there are so many different pitfalls and mistakes to be made. DIY demolition can be costly in more ways than one. Here are three reasons to let an experienced professional handle your next demolition project.

1. Demolition is also about preservation

It happens thousand of times every year, in locations all across the country. People get excited about a renovation project. They jump right into the demolition phase without thinking things through, or even knowing what a skilled demolition should involve. As a result, necessary infrastructure is damaged. This could be plumbing, electricity, ductwork, or even walls that are structurally important.

2. Mistakes in demolition are costly

If you do happen to make a mistake during the course of demolition, hopefully it won’t be too major. But let’s be honest — mistakes in demolition can be very expensive. You may have to call a specialist (electrician, plumber, renovation specialist, etc.) to make things right. All the more reason to be careful before starting any demolition project on your own!

3. Safety should never be an afterthought

There are a lot of safety issues around demolition. Some of the most important questions are whether the area you’re demolishing is structurally important to the building (this is extremely important), and whether you’ve got the right equipment to keep yourself safe during demolition work. One of the signs of an experienced demolition specialist is the attention given to safety.

How do I find a demolition specialist I can trust?

Demolition is like any other service — there are probably dozens of companies in your area who provide it. But it’s important to remember that not all of them are equally trained, experience or equipped to handle your project in the most reliable and professional way possible. Look for companies who have consistently positive reviews on popular third-party web sites (such as Google or Yelp), who have at least 5 years of experience in the field, and who are courteous and prompt in their communications. You’ll have much better chances of finding a demolition specialist who will deliver the most professional results — and give you a good deal in the process.