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Should I Wait Until Spring, or Get Rid of My Junk Now?

Many of the maintenance items and projects you encounter in the first few years of home ownership are completely unexpected. Buying a home may have been a dream come true, but some of the decisions (especially when they involve spending cash) can be tough to make. There is a long list of maintenance requirements, for one thing. Appliances (kitchen, HVAC, etc.) must be taken into account. Siding, windows and roofing are all key areas that can’t be neglected. The foundation of the home is another.

The accumulation of junk can also have a detrimental effect on the overall health of a property. When there are areas you seldom go because of all the junk, maintenance requirements can easily be missed. Spring is often seen as the best time to tackle those cleanup projects you’ve been putting off, but is it really necessary to wait that long?

Summer is actually a time when a lot of junk is accumulated. It’s a busy, active season in which various projects are undertaken. It’s common for households to head into a winter with a whole lot of unwanted junk around – and it’s common to put the whole thing off until the winter has run its course.

But there’s a strong argument for clearing out that unwanted stuff before the winter comes, rather than after it. Here are four things to consider:

1. You’ll be lighter and cleaner heading into winter

Having all that unneeded junk out of the way is a great way to kick off the winter, when it does arrive. You’ll have more usable space in your home, yard, basement or garage. You’ll be able to organize better, and your property will feel lighter and cleaner as you start to prepare for the colder months.

2. You’ll have more time for yard and maintenance projects in the spring

A junk removal project in the fall is like getting a head start on your cleanup operations next spring. If you already have stuff you know you don’t need, why not remove it from the picture now? When the winter thaw comes, you’ll be able to focus on other maintenance and landscape projects that need to be addressed.

3. You’ll identify maintenance issues that need to be addressed

One of the untold benefits of organized junk removal projects is that they often reveal maintenance issues around the property that were previously unknown. This allows you to have a more realistic assessment of what needs to be taken care of, and when.

4. You’ll enjoy the great fall weather

Even if your cleanup site is indoors, you’re eventually going to bring all that stuff outside. What a great way to enjoy some of the best weather of the year! Fall cleanup projects give you a chance to breathe fresh air, enjoy the season, and be productive at the same time.

Don’t think you have to tackle your fall cleanup projects alone! A professional junk removal and dumpster rental specialist has options that can make your cleanup project more efficient, more effective, and more economical.