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3 Reasons NOT to Hire That Dumpster Rental Company

You’re going to make a lot of decisions as the owner of a home or business in the months ahead – especially as winter approaches here in New Jersey. It’s very much possible that you’ll have cleanup projects to tackle, or renovations that you want to complete. In that type of situation, you’ll need something bigger than your average curbside trash can to get rid of all the unneeded junk.

Dumpster rental is, of course, the logical answer. When done right, it’s a slick and useful service. The container arrives at your property, is quickly and safely deposited in the best strategic location for your project, and is collected on a pre-arranged day. Everything you throw in the dumpster (aside from certain prohibited items) gets taken away, and you’ll never see it again.

But wait – before you hire the first dumpster rental company you come across online or in a business directory, take a moment to thinking about the spectrum of quality. There are companies out there that you’ll want to avoid for various reasons, and there are upstanding companies you’ll want to gravitate toward. Here are 3 reasons NOT to hire a given contractor in this industry.

1. They don’t look like a professional operation

Sometimes, you just know from anecdotal evidence that a certain company is not a very professional operation. The web site looks shoddy and disorganized. The equipment looks old and worn out. When you make contact, the people on the other end seem disorganized or disinterested. Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire – companies that give an unprofessional impression are most likely showing their true colors.

2. Their fee structures are murky

When you contact a dumpster rental company, one of the first things you want to know is what your basic options are, and how much each option would cost. Like it or not, there have been disreputable companies out there who simply do not give straight answers to these questions.

3. They try too hard to upsell you

Professional dumpster rental companies know that projects come in all shapes and sizes, and that people have different needs for different cleanup projects. The effort to try and “upsell” customers on a bigger dumpster they don’t need, or other add-on services that aren’t necessary, is simply not good business. Upstanding professionals are concerned about getting a good result for their clients, within a budget that works for them.

Making the right call

Dumpster rental certainly isn’t rocket science – but there is such thing as a good or bad decision. Look for companies that have an organized and professional appearance, years of experience in the industry, modern equipment, and strict safety standards. There have been cases where property or even homes were damaged by unethical dumpster rental companies who cut corners or used faulty equipment to deliver or pick up dumpsters. A little concentrated research should reveal who the real professionals are, and reading customer reviews is also a great way to “weed out” those companies who lack professionalism.