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Different Ways to Dispose Of Yard Waste

The fence, flowers, grass, shrubs, and trees will always outgrow and require some bits of trimming. In the process, a lot of waste that includes twigs, shrubs, branches, and green matter and mud will be produced. The waste is not just unsightly but it is also dangerous to have it lying in heaps in your yard. However, since it is usually bulky and in big heaps, it can be challenging to get rid of the waste. To make it easier and simpler to dispose of this type of waste, we have compiled some different ways to do that.

  • Have it Hauled Away

One of the easiest and simplest ways of disposing of yard waste is by hiring waste hauling services. They usually charge per the number of loads hauled away, and the number of hours they spend clearing the waste at your yard.

Lawn grass in rolls on pallets against of the street the rolled grass lawn is ready for laying and loaded dumpster near a construction
The type and size of the truck used to haul the yard waste away will also determine the charges. You will be required to be present when the hauling is being done so that you can pay them on site after they are done with the waste clearance. The amount of fees waste hauling services charge varies from one company to another and one state or city municipality to the next.

  • Burn It

Since most of the yard waste is usually a green matter that consists of dry branches, shrubs, leaves, twigs, and plants, you can let it dry and later burn it when it is dry. Before you decide to do this, it is advisable to consult with your municipal guidelines on burning waste in your yard. Some local authorities do allow burning while this practice could result in serious lawsuits in other municipalities. If your local authority allows you to burn yard waste, you should do it in a pit, dug 150 feet away from your neighbors’ properties, and 50 feet away from your house. To make it even safer, do not lit the fire and leave it; stay on-site with a hose pipe so that you can put out the fire just in case it spreads to the rest of the yard.

  • Rent a Dumpster

Alternatively, you can rent a dumpster or if you already have one, you can dump the waste there. Dumpsters are huge waste containers placed on-site at properties and hauled away after some time when they are full of waste. Again, you want to check with your dumpster rental services provider to ascertain if they allow yard waste to go into the dumpster. With a dumpster on site, you can dump the debris into it as you work. You just carry the waste in a wheelbarrow and a shovel to empty the waste into the dumpster.

  • Subscribe to Regular Pickup Service

The oldest and most common way of yard waste disposal is by subscribing to the regular municipal services. The subscriptions are paid for every month together with other bills and are equal across the board. However, not all municipal junk removal services accept organic matter in the bins provided so ensure to first check with them. If they do allow such waste, they will usually provide separate bins meant for organic matter, provided it is well packaged. This is the best way to dispose of yard waste since you do not have to incur extra cost nor do you have to leave your house. The only challenge with this waste disposal method is that you will have to move the waste to the collection spot and package it in the required manner.

  • Rent a Chipper

If your yard clearance involves a lot of pruning, cutting down shrubs, some trees, and branches, then hiring a chipper is the best way to get rid of yard waste. It is a great way of converting the big branches into reusable mulch. The best thing about chipper is that you can use the mulch for composite and growing vegetables in your kitchen garden. Renting a chippers ranges somewhere between $200 and $400 per day. To enjoy some reduced prices and discounts while renting a chipper, you can organize with your neighbors to have all your yard waste chipped on the same day.

If most of your yard waste mainly consists of leaves, dead plants, and shrubs, you can consider compositing. This will save you so much money for renting waste disposal services, and at the same time use the composite manure to grow flowers and vegetables in the kitchen garden. However, before you decide to composite your yard waste, consult with your local authority guidelines first.