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How do you make a dumpster not smell?

Dumpster odors are mainly caused by decomposing matter among many other things. Foul odors originating from both commercial and residential dumpsters are not only a public nuisance but can also invite pests, causing a health hazard. Furthermore, it makes life difficult for people who are forced to get rid of waste. Restaurants and grocery stores are some of the businesses that have to deal with the worst garbage smells because of the large quantities of food they dispose of. In this article, we share a few tips on how to reduce dumpster odors.

  • Keep it dry

Mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms that thrive in wet environments can cause foul odors in your dumpster. One of the ways you can eliminate smells caused by a wet interior is to open the lid or doors to your dumpster on sunny days. Airing it out can help evaporate the moisture even though it might smell bad at first.

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There are ways to keep your dumpster from smelling bad

Just make sure you don’t leave it open all day long and close it if the air feels damp. Besides airing out the container, avoid dumping liquids in the trash to keep the interior dry and free from moisture.

  • Seal your trash before dumping

Before you dispose of any trash in your dumpster, make sure to place it in a plastic bag and seal it tightly. This can massively reduce the foul odors emanating from your dumpster since the smells are contained in the plastic bags. It would be advisable to upgrade your garbage disposal bags if they easily rip or tear. Any leak from the trash bag not only packs up bad odor inside the dumpster but also attracts pests because they have an easy time tearing the bags apart. Lastly, get into a habit of bagging all types of trash since any decomposing organic matter can easily start to smell.

  • Clean your dumpsters regularly

The method you choose for cleaning your dumpster will significantly depend on the type of garbage you dispose of as well as the size and number of containers you use. However, you can get rid of most of the dirt and grime that collects inside your dumpster by pressure washing it. A bleaching solution or something that includes soap, bleach, and vinegar can be a viable solution to getting rid of gunk and microorganisms that build up inside the container.

  • Use recommended deodorizing agents

There are several odor maskers, filters, enzymes, and chemicals in the market that are designed to eradicate the smelly odor from a dumpster. Some of these products can be used as a form of treatment that helps deodorize and keep a dumpster dry. The common deodorizers used include lime powder, bleach, clay cat litter, baking soda, and bleach. Using bleach eliminates odor-causing bacteria and microorganisms while clay cat litter, baking soda, and lime powder are effective at absorbing moisture and odors. It is very crucial to follow all the safety instructions indicated by the manufacturer when using a cleaning and deodorizing agent for your dumpsters.

  • Consider a speedy dumpster service for organic waste

Businesses that dump food scraps and other plant-based materials regularly are more likely to encounter a major setback around the trash area. Even if your garbage is tightly sealed, many pests can easily pick off the scent of discarded food from miles away. In this case, you might consider ordering a speedy dumpster service that picks up the trash at regular intervals. This ensures your food waste doesn’t linger around for too long to become a public nuisance. Once they have been picked up by your dumpster rental service, it instantly solves your waste management problem.

  • Choose a reputable dumpster rental company

A reputable dumpster rental service can help mitigate the problem of potential smells emanating from your dumpster. One way they can do this is to advise on what chemicals or deodorizing agents you can use based on the type of garbage you intend to dispose of. Also, they can schedule timely pickup and delivery of your filled-up dumpsters to ensure the odor issues never grow out of control. A reputable dumpster rental company will also ensure your garbage is disposed of properly according to the state guidelines.

The bad odor from a dumpster can be a nuisance to you and the general public. Not only does the pungent smell make people uncomfortable, but also the sight of pests around the trash area indicates a problem that might go out of control. Hiring a reputable dumpster rental service and taking the right measures to get rid of the smells keeps you safe and free from expensive lawsuits.