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Are Dumpster rentals required for dumping household garbage?

It is not necessary to rent a dumpster for household garbage if it can be managed by your local trash collector. However, there are instances when your household garbage might exceed the usual limit. In these situations, it would be ideal to rent a dumpster as it offers a means to dispose of large amounts of waste at once. This makes life easier for people who are decluttering or engaged in major remodeling or home construction projects. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about residential dumpster rentals and reasons to hire a dumpster rental for household garbage.

Things you need to know about dumpster rentals

  • There are restrictions to what you can dump

It would be wrong to assume that you can dump any kind of waste into a dumpster.

a full dumpster

Know what you can put in the dumpster before renting one

Most dumpster rentals have guidelines on what can be disposed of in the containers. Before you rent a dumpster, it is important to call the company and give full disclosure of what you intend to dispose of. Also, you should organize your trash based on the type of material. For instance, you can’t mix gravel with other trash or materials that are not of the same nature.

  • Dumpsters come in different sizes

Before renting a dumpster, you need to assess the amount of junk you want to get rid of since the rental companies offer dumpsters in varying sizes. You don’t want to rent a big dumpster that goes back half full or one that is too small to carry your trash at once. It is always a good idea to call and consult the dumpster rental representatives who can help you choose an appropriate container that suits your waste management needs.

  • There are weight limits

Although you need to fill your dumpster to its recommended capacity, dumpster rental companies have weight limits to what each dumpster can carry. Exceeding this limit attracts extra costs since they will have a difficult time hauling away a container that is heavier than the usual capacity. Keep in mind that you may not fill the dumpster to its full capacity but the type of junk placed inside could still exceed the limit.

  • Accessible spot in your property

The dumpster needs to be dropped off and picked up at a location that is accessible for the truck sent over by the company. If you don’t have enough space inside your property then the only choice you have will be to place it in the street. However, this would require a permit to ensure you take responsibility for the rented dumpster.

Reasons to rent a dumpster for household garbage

  • Increases efficiency of waste management and disposal

It is crucial to establish an efficient workflow when working on something like demolition, major yard cleanout, or decluttering a house. A rental roll-off dumpster establishes a quick and easy routine for waste disposal. This means that you will spend less time transporting waste with your local garbage collector, trying to pack in small trash bags that leave the site once a week. Less garbage around the worksite creates more space for other items.

  • Reduces health hazards and improves safety

Another reason why dumpster rentals are ideal for disposing of household garbage is the positive effect they have on the potential health hazards and work safety created when large amounts of garbage are present on site. Improper waste disposal can lead to contamination of soil and water, depletion of natural resources, and pollution. Residential dumpster rentals offer an eco-friendly way to waste management and disposal by eliminating hazardous materials and keeping your property clean.

  • Are compliant with state regulations

There are regulations in all cities and jurisdictions regarding proper waste disposal that help protect the environment and the health of other citizens. Failure to follow these regulations can lead to legal issues including costly fines, even if it occurred unintentionally. Renting out a dumpster rental requires you to separate toxic from non-toxic items so that they can be disposed of properly for you. Waste management companies can help recycle and reduce waste by following local laws so you can dispose of household garbage in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

Dumpster rentals offer the ability to dispose of waste in a quick, efficient, and eco-friendly manner. You may have to rent a dumpster when disposing of large amounts of household garbage, especially when you are decluttering your home or doing a major yard cleanout. Before you hire a dumpster, it is important to contact the dumpster rental company and give full disclosure of what you intend to get rid of. They can also advise on the most appropriate dumpster size for your waste management needs.