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Is It Illegal To Use a Construction Dumpster for Personal Items?

Global leaders and environmental enthusiasts are on a serious campaign to deal with issues of climate change. Waste management plays a key role in ensuring that our environment is clean and safe for human habitation. This explains the reason behind most cities have strict rules and guidelines on how people should discard their domestic and commercial wastes. One of the most effective ways of getting rid of garbage is renting a dumpster.

Dumpsters come with tons of benefits, among them being the fact you do not have to know where the waste ends up. However, most rental garbage bins have different rules and restrictions on what is allowed and what is not permitted. One of the many questions that bother most people is whether it is illegal to use a construction dumpster for personal items. To answer that, we are going to look at what is and what is not allowed into a construction bin.

Dumping personal stuff in a dumpster

Waste Allowed Into a Construction Bin

If you have had a recent construction or renovation project and have rented a construction bin, you do not necessarily have to rent another one for other types of domestic waste. Generally, a construction dumpster can be used for the common domestic waste such as;

Yard Cleanup and Maintenance Debris

Yard cleanup and maintenance can leave behind tons of waste ranging from branches, twigs, leaves, tree stumps, and soils. Most dumpster rental companies allow yard waste into the bins since they are biodegradable. In addition, yard waste does not pose any physical threat to the safety of the people hauling it away. As you throw your yard waste into the rental dumpster, ensure it is within the allowed weight limit or you will incur extra disposal costs.

House Construction and Renovations Debris

Just as the name suggests, a rental construction garbage bin is meant for disposing of construction and renovation debris. Such waste includes drywall, broken old tiles, concrete, wood, old shingles, ceiling, insulation, and just a few. Most of these materials, except being heavy, do not pose any physical threat to the workers or affect the environment negatively.

Domestic Items

Broken or old domestic items allowed into dumpsters include old furniture, appliances and clothes. However, some appliances like refrigerators are not allowed since they contain gases that could explode and injure company workers. Things like old and broken beds, shoe racks, drawers and chairs are allowed into the bin. The only issue with such items is that they attract extra disposal costs so it is always advisable to take them to the manufacturers for trade-ins or recycling.

Food Items

Almost all rental dumpster companies usually allow food items into construction waste bins. Food items are biodegradable and they will decompose as soon as they get into the landfills, without any negative impact on the environment.

Waste Not Permitted Into a Construction Dumpster

Most garbage companies have a well-laid list of items that should never find their way into the garbage bin. These items include:

Medical Waste

Medical garbage such as surgical needles, cotton wool, gloves, knives and blades may at times be contaminated with viral or infectious diseases that could affect the health of other people. For their disposal, a professional trained to handle medical garbage will be required.

Hazardous Materials

However, the urgency to get rid of hazardous materials like asbestos, should never be put into the construction bin. This is because asbestos is considered highly carcinogenic. Let alone the garbage men, such materials are dangerous to your health and should only be handled by a licensed asbestos abatement individual.

Automobile Waste

Automotive repair waste such as oils, brake fluids, adhesives like epoxy, grease and glue are some of the items prohibited in a garbage bin. Apart from being harmful to the environment, they stick to the sides and bottom of garbage bins thereby destroying them. While at the landfills, the inner surface of old tires accumulates methane gas from the waste thereby making it unsafe for site workers.

Paints, Aerosols and Cleaning Agents

Paints, aerosols and most cleaning solvents contain harmful chemicals that are not only harmful to the environment at the landfills; but they can also damage the garbage bins.

Based on this information, it is clear that you can use a construction garbage bin for some personal items. However, you have to confirm with your garbage company for clarity on the things to dispose of and the things not to throw into the rental bins. Violations of some of these rules may attract extra rental costs or get you into trouble with the city’s directives on waste disposal.