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What Size Dumpster Do I Need For a Bathroom Remodel?

There is no better way to eliminate your waste, of whatever nature, than to rent a dumpster. After renting one, you get to discard almost all manner of junk into the bin and leave the garbage company to stress with the disposal.

They are used for a myriad of projects including roof, bathroom, kitchen, landscaping, remodeling as well as construction.

Deciding on the size of a rented bin you need for a bathroom revamping can be tricky. To do that, we must first discuss the various types that are out there so you can have an understanding of the best fit for you.

They are categorized into cubic yards according to dimensional measurements and the amount of trash they can carry.

Dumpsters are an important part of remodeling

10 Yard

This is the smallest container available in garbage companies. It measures 7.5 feet by 14 feet by 3.5 feet. It is ideal for small household renovation projects like for your bathroom. This is because such makeover works produce some small amount of waste, which makes the 10-yard bin best suited for the job. Among the kinds of wastes that goes in include concrete, broken tiles, roofing materials, sticks, soil, and other debris.

12 Yard

Just slightly bigger than the 10-yard, a 12-yard container measures 7.5 feet by 14 feet by 4 feet. Unlike the 10-yard one, this bin is designed for small-scale projects that also include bathroom renovations. Heavier and bulkier wastes such as yard debris, shingles, and framing wood are ideal for this bin.

15 Yard

Measuring 7.5 feet by 16 feet by 4.5 feet, this garbage bin is designed for simpler projects that produce a little bulkier amount of waste. For instance, renovation waste could sometimes include old and/or broken bathroom tubs, toilets and many tiles. If such bulky items were to be tossed in smaller bins, they would end up exceeding the weight and height limit, and end up costing you more when being hauled away.

20 Yard

Measuring 7.5 feet by 22 feet by 4.5 feet, this container is designed for mid-range home projects like construction, remodeling and roofing. With such projects, you can expect old floors, roofing and landscape to produce tons of waste. With this garbage container, you can rest assured that no matter the size and weight of waste, it will all fit in. You do not have to worry about surpassing the set weight limit.

30 Yard

This container is ideal for heavy-duty residential as well as commercial projects like tearing down old houses and apartments, roof replacement, and construction. Old and torn upholstery and furniture can also be tossed in this container since it is big enough to carry such weight. They measure 7.5 feet by 22 feet by 6feet.

40 Yard

Standing at 7.5 feet wide, 22 feet long and 8 feet tall, the 40-yard container is the biggest of its kind. It is designed for heavy-duty projects that range from construction works, demolitions and large-scale renovation works. For such works, you can expect to produce tons of heavy and bulky wastes that could be in form of concrete, bricks, shingles, lawn debris, old appliances and furniture. With such a big waste container, you have lots of peace of mind that all your junk will fit in without exceeding the limit.

The Best Size for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

With that in mind, we can conclude that a 10-yard waste container is the right one for your bathroom makeover. This now brings us to another discussion, the parameters used to settle on this particular waste container. Just like with any other size container, the nature of the project plays a key role in determining the right one for you. A very big container will only cost you unnecessary money. If the container is so small, your waste may never fit in and this could get you into trouble with the city management codes. It could also increase the frequency of hauling, something that translates to increased rates.

If you are doing a bathroom renovation, you will definitely need a place to put this waste. As previously mentioned, there are many sizes to consider but the one you decide to settle on will depend on your project. When renting, it is good that different waste containers have distinct rates which means you have to evaluate your budget to know what size best suits you. To avoid such things from happening, sit back and plan; it will help you in settling for the right one and you will be surprised at how much money that will save you.