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Am I Equipped to Handle My Demolition Project?

Are you gearing up to tear something down around your property? Maybe it’s a wall in the main house (make sure it isn’t load-bearing), or an old equipment shed out back, or a treehouse that nobody uses anymore. There are a lot of demolition projects going on all across the world. Some people are doing the work themselves, while others are hiring professionals to take care of it.

For many people, this brings up an important question: Am I equipped to handle my demolition project?

The answer depends on the circumstances – for example, how big is the structure to be demolished, and what is it made out of? Do you have prior experience with demolition work, or is this your first attempt? What the risks and dangers in undertaking this project yourself?

In reality, there are a lot of demolition projects that don’t turn out as expected. Perhaps the demolition work went too far and actually did damage to a useful part of the property – or maybe there was an injury that occurred as a result of improper safety precautions. The main thing you want with demolition projects is a steady, predictable process. Big surprises are never good. You want the plan that was visualized to be realized, without any mishaps or unintended damages.

Having the right tools is also very important, and some projects will require multiple trips to the hardware store to get everything that’s needed. Firehooks, jack hammers, air hammers, and reciprocating saws are all examples of equipment that might be necessary for a given demolition project. Sometimes heavier machinery is necessary, such as Bobcat. It’s nice to think that a $20 sledge hammer will be enough, but for the majority of demolition work, that simply isn’t the case!

If your demolition project is part of a home renovation, this can often be included in your estimate from the home renovator. But even if you’re doing a DIY home renovation, you might consider hiring a professional to do the demolition work. It all depends on your skill, experience, and confidence in tackling this type of project. Some people actually want to do their own demolition work, in part because it sounds fun to knock things down. This is totally understandable, but safety and logistical concerns should always come first.

Professional demolition solutions

DIY is not the only way to go when it comes to demolition – in fact, it may not even be the cheapest way to go. When you figure in all the tools, time, stresses, safety issues, and other concerns involved in a demolition project, there is an argument for simply having a professional come and do it for you. However, if you go this route, it’s important to find a professional who knows their stuff. A lot of people offer demolition services through informal sites like Craigslist, but are they properly trained? Do they have the right equipment? Are they insured, so that you aren’t liable if a mishap occurs/ These are all important questions to answers as you choose a demolition specialist in your local area.