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5 Junk Removal Projects to Tackle Before the Winter is Over

Junk removal is a fairly comprehensive term that covers a lot of different activities. It may be something as simple as cleaning out a cluttered closet or re-organizating that “junk drawer” that tends to collect so many unnecessary items. On the other hand, it may be a bigger project, like cleaning out an old garage that has collected junk for years, or even decades.

If you’ve got a junk removal project on your property that needs to be done at some point in the near future, you might be tempted to put it off until the weather gets warmer. This may be the right approach in some cases, but it is really necessary to wait for Spring to get some of these projects done? Are there advantages to going ahead with junk removal projects even though the winter is still lingering?

We think so – and here are five specific areas that you might want to consider cleaning up before the weather turns warm again.

The attic

Attics are an area of the home that are infamous for collecting junk. Boxes of old clothes, magazines, furniture – you name it. But if you think about it, cold weather shouldn’t stop you from getting this area of the home cleaned out. Doing so could even reveal problems that may be affecting your home’s energy efficiency for the heating and cooling seasons.

The basement

Basements are another prime candidate for junk removal – especially all those unfinished basements. Did you know that cluttered basements are more likely to conceal mold problems, especially during the rainy spring months? Staying ahead of this problem by cleaning up the basement ahead of the spring thaw is a good idea for many homeowners.

The garage

The garages is a logical place to put things that you might need one day, but aren’t sure. Over time, the junk keeps piling up until something has to be done about it. If you think it’s too cold to clean out the garage, consider doing it with the help of a space heater or two. A dumpster can be positioned immediately outside the garage for easy access and a quick cleanup project.

The equipment shed

Equipment sheds and toolsheds also tend to attract junk over time. By cleaning out that junk, you’ll have a lot of free space, and a lot more peace of mind going into spring. Again, the help of a professional dumpster rental company can make these projects easier.

The spare room

A spare room in the house can also be repository for junk. What about getting rid of it so that you can use that room as an office, or a proper guestroom for visitors? Professional junk removal services make it much easier.

Who to call for junk removal services

There are probably several people in your area offering junk removal services, but not all of them are licensed and insured. Look for a company that has the proper license and insurance to operate this type of business – it’s important for your own legal protection as a homeowner. Also limit your search to companies who have high-quality equipment and a reputation for punctuality and service.