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3 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Can you believe spring is already right around the corner? For those of us who live in New Jersey, or a similar area with cold winters, this is arguably the best time of year. Why? Because all the projects and tasks you’ve been saving will soon be possible. The warm breezes start blowing, the snow melts, and everybody gets outside and starts preparing their homes for warmer weather.

Actually, in many cases, people go inside first. Before they get to the other things they’ve had on their list, they have to clear out the old clutter. Spring cleaning is virtually a universal activity in American homes, and everybody loves the feeling of getting rid of unneeded junk and debris, whether inside or outside (usually a combination of the two) and starting fresh.

1. Move from room to room

Being methodical and strategic about your spring cleaning efforts is something a lot of people just don’t think to do. But it makes a big difference in terms of what you’re able to accomplish, and how quickly you’re able to do it. A scattered and disorganized cleaning operation is going to take longer, be more stressful, and probably leave some things undone. Take the time to organize your project, and break it down by area or room. This helps things run more efficiently, especially if you have other people working with you.

2. Be careful what you lift

A lot of injuries do occur during spring cleaning activities – usually because people lift more than the should, with improper form. It’s a good idea to have help if you’re lifting heavy objects, but it it’s something you think you can handle, always lift with your legs, and never try to push the limits of what’s comfortable. The last thing you need while spring cleaning is an injury that has you recovering for days while everyone else is out enjoying the warmer weather!

3. Hire a professional junk removal company

Or you could skip all the drama and simply hire a crew to perform your spring cleanup operation for you. Maybe you’ve accumulated a lot of heavy clutter in your household, or maybe your yard or garden is full of debris and needs to be cleaned up. By the time you’ve got all that indoor and outdoor junk in a pile, you’re way over the limit in terms of disposal. A dumpster rental is a great solution to this problem, but a cleanup crew with their own dumpster is even better. As long as the communication is clear between you and your contractor, you should expect a super fast and comprehensive result. What might have taken you days to achieve was completed by professionals in less than a day.

Just make sure you hire a junk removal company that takes its business seriously. A professional approach to junk removal involves the right equipment, the right hauling and removal skills, the right attitude toward safety, and the right attitude toward customer service. If you find a contractor with all of these traits, congrats – your spring cleaning just got a whole lot easier!