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How Does Dumpster Rental Work?

If you’ve never rented a dumpster before – especially during spring cleaning season – you might be missing out on one of the best homeowner values it out there. It may sound crazy, but it’s true. For what it costs, dumpster rental gives homeowners and business owners a number of big advantages for cleanup projects. Remodeling, moving, renovations – these are also areas where dumpster rental can make a huge difference.

Sure, it’s possible to pile up the junk and debris on your curb, and hope the municipal disposal service takes care of it. It’s unsightly, and you never know if they’re going to take everything that’s there. If you have a large quantity of junk, or if you’re trying to get rid of appliances or other specific materials, they disposal company might not take it at all. Then you’re left with the prospect of piling everything into a van or truck (if you have one) and making multiple trips to the dump. By the time you add up all the stress and expense involved, you were probably better off with a professional solution from the beginning.

But how does dumpster rental work? People who have never rented a dumpster before often wonder about the process itself. Is it affordable? How does the container get delivered to my home or business, and where will the rental company put it? What kinds of material can I throw in the dumpster, and what materials are not allowed?

It’s important to get solid answers to all of these questions before you enter into an agreement with a dumpster rental companies – and the best contractor will have no problem discussion logistics with you.

But it’s also possible to answer some of those questions right here. For example, materials that are generally not allowed in rented dumpsters include appliances with chemicals that require special disposal, such as air conditioners or microwaves. Materials containing harmful compounds like asbestos or arsenic are also restricted, and must be disposed by special means.

As to where your dumpster will be placed, this will vary depending on the ability and equipment of your contractor. The more advanced contractors will use a hook-lift system and a special roll-off vehicle to position your dumpster exactly where you want it. This is a super important detail for making your cleanup project as productive as possible.

Answers to all your questions

One of the hallmarks of a good disposal or dumpster rental company is that they make everything very clear, and they’re good at answer all the common questions a new client might have. Dumpster rental may seem like one area where you can simply pick a contractor and move on to the next thing, but there are actually companies out there who don’t do a very good job – whether it’s because the lack experience or haven’t invested in professional equipment. Working with a company like this can make your cleanup project more stressful than it has to be – but a qualified and experience dumpster rental company can really make a positive difference.