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Why Rent a Dumpster in Winter?

When you think about renting a container to dispose of your construction materials or excess junk, you probably think of the warmer months. Indeed, this is when most people undertake these kinds of projects. But why rule out the winter just because it’s a little (okay, sometimes a lot) colder, with snow and ice on the ground? Working outside during the winter months can be invigorating, provided the temperature doesn’t drop too low. It’s actually a great time to get outdoor projects done if you pick the right week. You don’t have to worry about sweating, and you’re not letting the winter slow you down in terms of finishing that list of projects. You just go right on crossing things off your list.

That’s one great reason to rent a dumpster during the winter months. What are some other reasons?

1. You might get a good deal

During all of the other seasons, dumpsters are much more in demand as people set about their various seasonal cleaning and construction projects. When the winter hits, those dumpster rental companies are often willing to provide their service at a discount, since fewer people are willing to brave the cold and rent a container. But it’s usually not that cold, and there’s still plenty of opportunity to get those projects done.

2. Get a head start on spring cleaning

Wouldn’t rather be out doing things you really want to be doing when the spring thaw arrives? Or would you rather be playing catch up on those cleaning projects you had planned? By treating like the winter like any other season and continuing your projects despite the colder weather, you’ll be able to embrace the spring like never before — and get a whole lot more done in the course of a year!

3. Get out of the house

It’s amazing how invigorating a cleaning or construction project can be during winter months — especially when you’ve been cooped up inside for so long. Why not use that time to tackle that basement cleaning project you’ve had on the list for so long? A roll-off dumpster can be left anywhere you want (as long as it complies with codes and laws), and a good contractor should be able to place the container quickly and efficiently right where you need it. You’re only outside for a few moments at a time anyway, as you get rid of all that unneeded junk.

Who can you trust with your dumpster rental needs?

You might think all dumpster rental companies are exactly the same — but you’d be wrong! If you read customer reviews, you read all kinds of bad customer experiences, from rude staff to constantly being late or early, and otherwise not living up to the highest standards of professionalism. The important thing is to avoid these companies and gravitate toward those who leave a lot of positive reviews in their wake. These are the people that show up on time, use proper equipment, are courteous and friendly, and give you a fair deal.