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How High Can I Legally Fill the Construction Dumpster in NJ?

If you are doing construction, having a dumpster right at the site can be great to haul away all the waste that comes from such a project. To ensure that everything goes smoothly and to plan, it is good to be aware of different construction dumpster rules set by the state. One such rule is how high you can fill the construction dumpster. If you are planning to do construction in New Jersey, this article gives information regarding this.

Reasons Not to Load the Construction Dumpster Too High

Loading the construction dumpster too high, causes a safety concern. The dumpster might look okay when filled to the brim at the construction site. However, it will be a safety hazard when being hauled away by the dumpster company. During the loading process, excess waste at the top could fall, posing a threat to the loaders.

Don’t overload your dumpster! Here is why!

Waste could also just fall at the site, meaning it will have to be left behind. Not only that, but having your construction dumpster loaded too high can cause other safety issues on the road to the dumping site. The waste could fall on cars or pedestrians, something that you do not want to see happen.

How High Can You Legally Fill

If you are loading the dumpster with construction materials like concrete, asphalt, wood, and other waste, then be sure not to go above 12 inches from the top. If it is not like this, then it will most likely be a danger to the loaders and road users during transport. If you are working with an excellent construction dumpster rental in New Jersey, then they will most likely not accept to haul away the waste. Therefore, it is good to have these measurements in mind.

Tips to Ensure Proper Filling of Your Construction Dumpster in NJ

Get the Right Dumpster Size

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have the right dumpster for your construction waste. Overfilling is often caused by having a smaller dumpster than the waste you need to be taken away. Therefore, it is a good idea to ensure you have the perfect size. It could be better to get a larger dumpster instead of a smaller one to reduce instances of overfilling. This is because, in case of overfilling, the dumpster company will not accept to haul away your waste. This could cause you to pay for another hauling trip that you never planned. To avoid such an occurrence, just get the perfect according to your needs.

Condense the Size of Your Construction Waste

Instead of throwing away full-sized waste, break it down. The reasoning behind this is that full-sized waste can take up more space than when it is condensed down. This means that if you do not want to be faced with overfilling issues, it might be great to break things down because this helps reduce those pockets of unused space. Waste materials like concrete, drywall, cardboard boxes, and foam could be easily broken down into smaller pieces, ensuring a convenient disposal process.

Ensure Even Weight Distribution

Another way to ensure that the dumpster does not overfill is to make sure the weight is evenly distributed. You can do this by first ensuring that bulky waste like old furniture, appliances, and bricks goes at the bottom then have lighter materials at the top. Even weight distribution prevents the dumpster from tilting, especially during loading and transit. It might take you and your team some extra time to arrange things accordingly but this comes in handy because there will be no issues to prevent the dumpster company from going on with their job.

Construction is an overwhelming process that should start and end well without any hiccups. Due to this, you should not let the final process of getting rid of construction waste be an issue for you. One way you can ensure this does not happen is to understand the legal side involved in renting a construction dumpster. There are many laws and regulations around this and one that you should not ignore is how much you can legally fill the dumpster. As mentioned in the article, it is not a good idea to overfill your dumpster because it can cause safety concerns to the loaders and road users during transit. To ensure a smooth experience with renting a construction dumpster, be sure to work with proven experts in the field. They will advise you accordingly regarding the right dumpster size for your needs and the best way to load it to ensure it does not overfill.