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Should I Tip My Junk Removal Person?

Junk removal is easily described as a service that helps one get rid of all kinds of trash from their home or office space. These services are at most times available on demand. This means that if you decide to call a junk removal company, they will take away your unwanted stuff on the very same day.

Junk Removal Options

On most occasions, junk removal companies will provide you two options for getting rid of your stuff:

  • Truck Hauling

If you decide on this service, the junk removal company will come to your location with a truck that has a dumpster fitted at the back.

Recycling container trash on ecology and environment
They tug your waste onto the dumpster and then drive away. This is a great option for post-renovation clean-ups or when all your junk is already bundled up.

  • Dumpster Rental

Here, the junk removal company will come with a dumpster of your desired size and drop it at your preferred location. You will be required to fill it up at your leisure and once you are done, they will return to pick it up and take it away. This option is conducive if you will be clearing out your space over the span of a couple of days or if you decide to undertake a home renovation project.

Since there are many junk removal companies out there, to settle on the one that is best suits your wants, it is recommended to compare different providers based on availability and pricing.

There are some major factors to put into consideration when deciding on junk removal prices such as the size of the junk, or how much volume it takes up in the truck. It is also important to consider the number of trips it takes to dispose of all your junk properly.

Difference between Trash Removal and Junk Removal

  • Trash Removal

Trash is waste that cannot be recycled with our current modernized technology. These may include one-use plastics, cardboard products that have food on them, and coated paper products. To lower the carbon footprint, it is advocated to find recyclable alternatives for these items.

  • Junk Removal

Junk consists of many things. It is often heavier with items that require more than a quick toss to get it in the trash. However, it can comprise small things like appliances and construction waste. More often junk can be repurposed with a different owner or broken down and recycled. Junk removal companies are keen when it gets to environmental conservation.

Even though there is a slight difference, both trash companies and junk companies work together to accomplish the same goal of keeping our planet in perfect shape and state. Better put, junk removal is a sub-industry of waste management, assisting the overall efforts of waste management industries.

Tipping Etiquette: Should I Tip a Junk Removal Specialist?

Junk removal professionals work hard to remove junk from our homes while providing us with an uninterrupted experience. While tipping is not expected or a must, it is always appreciated, especially when the workload is huge. Here are some guidelines for tipping junk removal specialists:

  • You might need to tip only that you do not know how much to tip the junk removal guys, consider how much you give to other service providers like flight attendants or waiters.
  • If you see someone working hard, reward them for it. It shows appreciation and even boosts their morale
  • Consider the difficulties they have to deal with such as hard-to-access items or unfavorable weather.

The amount you should tip your junk hauler is flexible since it is up to you to decide how hard you have seen them working. You should keenly evaluate the crew’s work ethic and the way they communicate with each other to know if they are doing their level best on your junk collection. If you can tell that they are indeed working hard to take care of your property, give them some little extra money.

If junk removal people do a great job for you and even overdeliver, it is certainly appropriate to tip. Be sure to pay attention to the service you receive, and if they do anything to try to make your experience better and accommodating, you may have the urge to tip a little more than you had planned. However, one should not take offense if they reject your tip. Just like every other work, they do have a code of conduct, and in as much as they might need the tip; they have to follow their working rules to the latter.