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What if I only fill my dumpster half way? If I get a small one, what if I need another one?

Roll off dumpster pricing is geared to finding a reasonable ratio between the average weight of that size dumpster and trucking costs per roll off dumpster rental. Keeping this in mind, you may assume that the cost could be reduced if you use only a portion of the dumpster. It does seem to be a reasonable premise and truly holds some merit.

However, once an order is placed for a particular size dumpster that dumpster is reserved and not available for rental. If someone calls and requests the size dumpster you ordered and we can’t provide that customer with a dumpster, we will lose a rental of a container. For that reason, we ALWAYS tell our customers that the size of the roll off container is the most important consideration when choosing your rental.
First, there is absolutely no reason to pay for yardage you don’t need. Especially with roofing (which is heavy), customers often choose a larger roll off container than necessary. I always tell them that the SIZE should dictate their decision, NOT the ton limit. While yes, a smaller roll off container may have a larger overweight, it may also be cheaper (rental and overweight) than the price of a larger box.

I often get people ordering roll off dumpsters based on what the “think” it is going to weigh. Some get it pretty close, but many are way off. I once had a man order a 20 yd roll off because of the bigger ton limit. When we pulled the dumpster, it was half full and wouldn’t have been overweight if he had ordered a 12 yd roll off. He basically paid me extra to do the same work.

Second, the absolute worst situation you could find yourself in is getting a roll off dumpster that is too small. Now what? The job isn’t done and you have no space left. You need a second roll off dumpster. And yes, it costs just as much as the first one. Trust me, 2 small roll off rentals is much more than just renting 1 larger roll off. Talk to us. We have experience and we can walk you through considering some of the traps that catch many people. Tell us what you are doing. We may point out a few things you didn’t consider! We are here to help YOU.

Be safe, be well and most of all BE HAPPY!

Dale Olander
D&D Disposal
(732) 341-6900