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Can I rent a roll off dumpster by the day or for an extended period of time?

This is a very good and often asked question. While companies may vary, most will rent a roll off dumpster for a certain period of time (usually a week). While you certainly can fill the roll off faster and return the dumpster, the same amount of work applies to the rental. We still deliver the roll off dumpster, leave it and return for it after it is filled. We then take it to the dump and empty it. This happens for every box whether it is there for a day or a week. Unfortunately, dumpster rental prices are set by the tipping fees we pay at the dump. Regardless of how long the roll off dumpster is on site, the same amount of work and disposal costs will apply so getting a dumpster returned faster won’t affect the price of the rental.

Now on the other side of the coin, what about keeping a roll off dumpster longer than your rental period? Here at D&D, I have a firm policy of leaving a container for as long as possible. If your rental period comes to an end and you aren’t finished, I encourage our customers to call us and tell us. If we don’t need the roll off for another customer, you can feel free to keep it and use it until I need it.

Sometimes, the roll off container can stay for quite a long time. I look at it as good customer service (and free advertising). Nothing wrong with having my name and phone number in BIG white letters and numbers sitting in your driveway! You would be amazed at how many phone calls l get from roll off dumpsters!

Before you rent a roll off dumpster, ASK your company how the rental period works. If you don’t get a clear answer, choose another company. The last thing you need is to order a roll off dumpster, get it and have it pulled before you are done with it. I hear about it all the time. People who have been burned by other companies already. Sometimes I can tell they had a problem prior to calling me just by the type of questions they ask and where they persist in their line of questioning. Sometimes people come right out and say “the last guy pulled the box when I was only……” or “the last guy took the box after a few days and I can’t have that happen again”. Sometimes I come out and ask if they had a bad experience and they affirm they did.

My goal is to ensure I do my very best to make your rental a positive experience. I work for YOU!

Be safe, be well and most of all BE HAPPY!

Dale Olander
D&D Disposal
(732) 341-6900