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Can You Use a Dumpster to Remove a Concrete Driveway?

Removing a concrete driveway is usually an overwhelming endeavor, especially if you are doing it on your own. You have to break up the concrete and dispose it effectively. When you choose to work with professionals, you do not have to go through the stress involved in removal.

However, if you are looking to save on the high cost of hiring an expert, going the DIY route is your best option. The task takes a lot of hard work but it is something you can do quite well, especially if you are experienced with equipment such as a skid steer loader or a jackhammer. This article gives information on how to go about the removal process and how to go about the disposal.

Removing a Concrete Driveway

Loaded dumpster near a construction site, home renovation
You might want to remove parts of your concrete driveway if you want to replace them or the whole driveway if you want to replace and rebuild it. If your driveway has huge cracks and have been repaired before, this is a good factor to consider shelling it out for new and better repair.

If you are doing the removal yourself, it is good to know that you can do the repair in two different methods – using heavy equipment or by hand. For heavy equipment, you can consider renting a skid steer loader with a jackhammer attachment. This is your best bet if you have a large driveway and are not looking to do a lot of hard labor. If you decide to go by hand, then renting a jackhammer to break up the concrete can be quite good for you. This idea works for those with small driveways and are ready to handle a lot of physical labor. The only downside with using hand is that it takes quite long and you may find yourself spending a few days knocking up concrete.

If you decide to work by hand, be sure to start at a corner. Start by breaking up small parts of the driveway using a jackhammer. If need be, use a sledgehammer to break up large parts of concrete into smaller ones. Repeat this process until you are done with the entire driveway.

Dealing With Concrete Driveway Waste

  • Dumping It Yourself

If you have the time and a pickup truck to do the work, then you can get rid of the driveway concrete by driving it to a transfer station or a landfill near you. Some states offer dump days few times a year for their residents. Therefore, if you make the decision to do the dumping yourself, be sure to check with the authorities to ensure you are on the right side of the law.

  • Using a Roll Off Dumpster

Removing a concrete driveway means that you will have a lot of concrete that you will need to dispose. This is where you want to consider hiring a dumpster, as it offers an easy way to dispose of concrete and other construction debris that come from the removal process. A good-sized roll off dumpster, in particular, can handle three to ten pickup truck loads of waste material, offering a good disposal option. You can rent a dumpster when it is convenient for you so you have ultimate control over the time you are going to do the removal. Once you have received the dumpster, just load it up and then call the company to haul it.

The advantages of renting a roll off dumpster are that you do not need to be at home for pickup, it offers a guaranteed or scheduled disposal of your concrete, and you get an affordable rate. One thing to note, however, is that a dumpster is ideal for large amounts of debris and the size options you have vary depending on your location.

  • Hire a Junk Removal Company

Instead of doing everything yourself, you might want to consider working with a junk removal company to remove the construction debris from your driveway. Just set a pick up date with them and they will send out their team to do the hauling for you. Depending on the terms, they will load up the waste and take it away.

If you are looking to repair your concrete driveway or replace it completely, one thing you will have to deal with is the concrete waste. You can decide to get rid of the waste yourself or hire an expert team to help you out. Working with professionals is the best option because they will do a great job for you and unlike you, they know exactly where to take the waste.