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Dumpster Rental for Moving and Junk Removal

A move-out process calls for lots of hard work and countless hours of sorting and hoisting heavy items.

It also produces large volumes of different waste types that if not planned effectively for, you might even spend a couple of days trying to get rid of.

When moving out, two waste disposal options come into play; dumpster rental and junk removal service. Each of these options comes with its own fair share of benefits and limitations. 

While you are still torn between these two, this discussion aims to bring to your attention how you stand to gain and lose from choosing either of these

Dumpster Delivered to Construction Site

two waste disposal options. With that, we hope that you will find it easier to make up your mind between these two service types when vacating your current residence. 

Dumpster Rental



From dumpster rental comes about from the fact that you have ample time to sort your waste, deciding what to and what not to toss. This is made possible from the fact that dumpster rentals offer an extended rental period, usually 1 week. 

Cost Effective 

Benefit in dumpster rentals comes from the fact that you only hire the size that can carry your waste volume. They are a cost-effective alternative to junk removal since most dumpster rental providers have a flat rate for their containers. 


The best thing about dumpster rental is that they carry all manner of junk size including furniture or appliances provided they do not overhang the container. With junk removal, such items would call for extra charges. 


Labor Intensive 

The major limitation of dumpster rental is labor intensiveness since you need lots of time to load all the junk. You may even need the help of another person to help you lift large and bulky junk such as old furniture and broken appliances. This a serious drawback when you do not have enough time and all you want is to move out and set course on your next destination. 

Space Requirements

Dumpster rentals call for quite some space for placement, something that is a major challenge if you live in urban setups. Even with ample space, you might have to clear the driveways for the container placement. Dumpsters have been known to damage driveways if you do not place a cardboard beneath. 

Permit Requirements

Most jurisdictions require you to obtain permits for the placement of dumpster rentals. Such permits take lots of time and effort to obtain, while forcing you to pay additional charges. 

Junk Removal 



Unlike dumpster rentals where you do the sorting, lifting and loading by yourself, you get to enjoy full-service style from junk removal. The workers can sort, lift and loads of junk into the bin. The number of workers depends on waste volume, which means they will spend much less time compared to a DIY. They do all this while you just watch, without lifting a finger. The service is available on any day making it very convenient for you. 


From sorting the waste, lifting to loading bulky and sturdy items, turnover time associated with junk removal is much less compared to dumpster rental. They will complete the job much faster so that you can embark on the journey to your next destination 

No Space Needed 

The elimination of container placement needs minimizes disruptions to the property and site while at the same time maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your entryway.  


Item Restrictions

Coming down to garbage type, junk removal workers are very selective. For some waste types such as precarious items like asbestos and medical waste, you might be forced to explore different disposal options, which come at an extra cost. 


Junk removal is quite expensive since the hauling of heavy and bulky items such as furniture or appliances might attract additional charges. The waste volume determines the service charge. 

Limited Sorting Time

Junk removal workers do not have the whole day to wait while you sort your waste. You either sort it out in advance or risk some valuable items going into the bin. 

Your choice between these two services depends on different circumstances when moving out. If you are financially stricken, in hurry, do not have the required space container placement or when you do not feel like doing any work, then go for junk removal. For a very large garbage volume that you wish to sort at your own pace, then dumpster rental would be your go-to option.