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How to Calculate the Size of a Dumpster to Rent

For any kind of project, that is a DIY project or a home renovation, you will need a dumpster to collect debris or clear out the wastes from the projects. In such cases, you will need to hire a dumpster rental. However, before renting, you should understand several factors. For instance, the size of the dumpster and the way to calculate it.

Rental companies have different types of dumpsters that vary depending on their size. The size in this case is the dimensions of the dumpster and the volume. Finding the right dumpster for your project will be dependent on how much waste or debris you want to get rid of. The standard size of every dumpster size varies from 10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, and 40 yards. This is article gives you a highlight on how to calculate the size of a dumpster and helps you get the right size.

Dumpster Rental Size Chart

Recycling container trash dumpsters being full with garbage

Dumpster rental sizes are typically measured in cubic yards. The dimensions of the exterior part of the dumpster are measured in feet. Depending on the amount of debris you want to dispose of, you need to calculate the size of the dumpster that you need. This size chart will help you determine what size of dumpster you will need.

  • 10 Yards

A dumpster that can hold 10 yards of waste is translated as 2 tons of weight. This size of a dumpster is best suited for small projects and small renovations. The length of the dumpster is 14 feet. The size comes with an offer of 3 pickup trucks loads of debris. This size is perfect for anyone who wants to engage in a small project like room renovation, and garage cleaning.

  • 20 Yards

A 20-yard dumpster rental is best suited for medium projects. This yard takes up to 6 pickup truck loads and can be used for a larger amount of debris than the 10 yards.

  • 30 Yard

A 30-yard dumpster rental is a perfect size for large-scale projects. The yard takes up to 9 pickup truck loads, making it suitable for anyone doing a large project, and has a lot of wastes and debris. The kind of projects for this size of dumpster include a complete home renovation, landscaping projects, and cutting down of trees.

  • 40 Yard

A 40-yard dumpster rental is the highest in the size chart. It is big enough and is often preferred when there is no other dumpster available. A 40 yard is the best dumpster for long-term projects. Projects that will take time. These projects include a building renovation or demolition, a home renovation that might take longer than you expected, and any other project that will fill a 40-yard dumpster.

How to Calculate The Right Dumpster Size

Dumpster rentals are usually rectangular, hence the reason behind their measurements in cubic space. It is measured according to its feet and its volume. For the cubic yard, it constitutes the volume, while cubic feet constitute the feet. For instance, 1 cube space measurements are 3 feet x width, 3 feet x-height, and 3 feet x depth. With that in mind, the cubic volume of the dumpster is calculated by multiplying the dimensions of the dumpster. This will then be converted into cubic yards, which will determine the size of the dumpster you need to purchase.

To determine whether you need a 20-yard dumpster or a 10-yard dumpster, you will first measure the dimension of the dumpster. The dimensions will be cubic feet. After that, calculate the dimensions by multiplying and get the volume. You then convert the volume of the dumpster into cubic yards.

While doing this, keep in mind the weight of the debris. Knowing the weight of your debris is important as you will be able to know if you will get an overcharge fee for the weight. Besides, some drivers might not collect an overweight dumpster. They will leave it there until they are leveled or is in the right weight.

Choosing the best roll-off dumpster can be a daunting process. It is not easy to calculate the exact size of the project you want to take on. With the above information, you can be able to determine the perfect size for your work. Although, if you find it hard to determine, you can call haulers to help you, by explaining to them the projects you want to work on. Haulers are the best when it comes to recommending the right dumpster size.