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Are Demolition Projects Possible in the Winter?

Winter is almost here — and for those of us in New Jersey and other snowy states, it’s time to get our houses, vehicles, and wardrobes ready for what’s ahead. Hopefully you were able to finish those summer renovation and remodeling projects, because things are going to get a lot more difficult as the temperature drops and the snow begins to fly.

But hold on a second. Is it really necessary to put the brakes on all of your plans, just because the season is changing? Sure, the winter weather can be cruel at times. But what about all those days and weeks when it really isn’t that bad? Could, say, a demolition project still go ahead, despite the harsh outdoor conditions?

The answer is yes — depending, of course, on the size and scope of your project, and the weather forecast. Most professional debris removal and demolition companies will be happy to tackle your project during the cold season, and will be able to do so in a very professional way. Why? Because they have the proper equipment, training and experience to deliver results, even in the snow.

But what kind of demolition project would you want to take on during winter months? Shouldn’t you simply wait until spring? Wouldn’t that be easier?

Well, it depends on your goals and what you’re trying to achieve. If you have an old outdoor deck that you want removed, for example, there’s no reason why you can’t have this done during winter, have all the materials hauled off for good, and have a nice head start when it comes to spring home improvement projects.

If you’re doing something inside the home — taking out a wall to create a more open floor plan, for example, you can definitely use the winter months to accomplish this. Just beware that you’ll have to deal with a certain degree of inconvenience while the project is underway. But most professionals will be able to get in and out quickly, without compromising the integrity and professional standards of the work.

If you’re doing larger scale renovations on your home or business, you probably do want to wait until the weather is more agreeable before you think about demolition work. The exception to this would be if the winter weather were mild, and you had somewhere else to stay while the renovation work was being done.

In the end the feasibility of winter demolition projects really comes down to the professionalism and skill of the company you’re dealing with. The most skilled demolition specialists will be totally honest with you about the results and time frames you can expect during the winter. Many of them will even offer you special deals for work completing during this time, since business tends to be slower.

Either way, and no matter what time of year it is, you’ll want to make sure your demolition work is in the hands of people who truly know what they’re doing. Far too many projects have taken a nasty turn for the worse because the company hired to handle the demolition work wasn’t a truly professional and reputable organization.