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Construction Dumpster Rentals – How Many Do I Need?

So you are about to begin a remodeling project at your home. Perhaps you are adding a level to help accommodate a growing family, or perhaps it is just time to “change things up” around the house. In any case, a critical component to any project will be the removal of the debris created during the duration of the project.

howmanyFirst, when you are deciding on your General Contractor, be sure to find out whether you or the GC will be responsible for paying for the construction dumpster rentals throughout your project. If the GC is providing debris removal, make sure it is noted in your contract. You don’t want your project to be completed only to find yourself stuck with a pile of garbage that you thought someone else was responsible for!

Second, if you are responsible for the debris removal, find out exactly what the contractor expects as far as garbage and try and negotiate a “cap” on your responsibility. The last thing you need is to be paying for construction dumpsters that are full of cardboard boxes that aren’t flattened and debris scattered every which way inside the dumpster that is full of space. If your contractor has no incentive to fill the dumpster with your wallet in mind, your contractor may not do so thus costing you more money for additional construction dumpsters.

Third, ask your contractor to explain exactly how many construction dumpsters he will need and exactly what he expects to put into each dumpster. Throughout your project, you should monitor your construction dumpsters to ensure your contractor is getting maximum use out of each dumpster. If you see your contractor is off right from the beginning, you may want to remind him of his pre-job estimate early on.

Now every job is different and therefore there are no standard answers to exactly how many construction dumpsters you may need, but most remodeling jobs can be accomplished with 12 and 20 yd dumpsters. Larger jobs such as add a levels and additions usually require 30 yd dumpsters.

Remember, there is NOTHING wrong with ensuring your money is being spent well and that waste is kept to a minimum.

Be safe, be well and most of all BE HAPPY!

Dale Olander
D&D Disposal
(732) 341-6900