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3 Signs of a Shady Junk Removal Contractor

So you’ve been putting off that junk removal project for a long time, and you’ve finally hired a contractor to come and take care of it. Congratulations – you’ve just saved yourself a whole lot of time, and even money. Plus, you can focus on other things and let someone else do the dirty work.

But what if it doesn’t work out as planned? What if the contractor you hire turns out to be less than professional? How would you spot such a contractor before you hired them? Here are three signs of a shady junk removal contractor.

1. No physical office

Junk removal is one of those businesses that we often assume is made up of people doing odd jobs in their spare time. But there are highly professional junk removal companies out there. They often have dumpster rental operations and demolitions crews as well. With all of this, a physical office is required. If a contractor doesn’t have a physical office, it might mean they haven’t built a good reputation yet, or may not even be licensed.

2. No professional equipment

What equipment is involved in junk removal? Vehicles and containers, for one thing. Junk removal means just that – removal. It means that when your contractor leaves, none of that unwanted junk should remain. This requires an organized approach to logistics and safety, including professional junk removal containers and vehicles. Too many “professionals” show up with personal vehicles and no real way to dispose of the waste, besides taking it away in their own car or truck. There are more serious risks of working with a contractor like this – including a lack of licensure and insurance. Junk removal can be a dangerous undertaking with many different safety hazards, and it’s important to make sure you’re protected as a client if anything should happen.

3. No easy-to-understand fee structures

Fee structures that don’t “give it to you straight” are a classic sign of a disreputable contractor. Unfortunately, some contractors think they can get away with “tricking” people when it comes to junk removal. They add on hidden charges or clauses in the contract, and the customer ends up with a bill that was higher than initially agreed. The funny thing is that this approach only hurts contractors in the end. It leads people to write negative reviews and dissuade their friends from using the same contractor.

Junk removal is an art form!

You might not think of junk removal as much of an art form – but you might have a different perspective if you think about efficiency, safety, value, and getting a comprehensive result. Junk removal professionals are there for a reason – they take a highly organized and efficient approach to every project. That means the job gets done quickly, completely, and at a low rate. Once you work with a skilled junk removal company, you’ll notice the difference. Your cleanup projects go quickly, and you don’t have to spend all day supervising or telling your contractor what to do. When it comes to America’s junk removal projects, that’s the kind of result people want.