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3 Common Problems with DIY Junk Removal

When’s the last time you embarked on a DIY junk removal project? If you live in a one bedroom apartment in the city, this might not be a very big deal at all. You go through a few closets and file cabinets, and before you know it, you’ve purged everything you don’t need.

But if you live in a home, or even a larger property with garages and storage sheds, a large-scale junk removal project can be daunting. You might also have yard waste to get rid of, which makes the project even bigger.

The alternative, which many people don’t know about, is professional junk removal. Yes, it’s possible to outsource your junk removal project to a pro — someone who gets it done quickly and cheaply. But is it really work it? Isn’t DIY junk removal ultimately a better approach? To answer these questions, let’s look at three common problems with DIY junk removal.

1. Too much junk

It’s amazing how much stuff can hide in the corners and out-of-the-way places. Often times, when people embark on a DIY junk removal project, they just don’t realize how much there actually is to get rid of. From the garage, attic, basement to shed and yard waste, there’s a serious amount of junk. And if you haven’t rented a dumpster, getting rid of all this stuff can be even more stressful and time consuming than you thought.

2. Disorganized

Junk removal is one of those things that’s easy to start, but often times, hard to finish. You work on it here and there, organizing things into different piles, carrying junk from one place to another, but there’s a lot of wasted energy around a lot of junk removal projects. Without a clear focus or strategy, the whole operation ends up being a lot more work than you thought it would be.

3. Takes too long

A specific timeline is one of the major things that separates a professional junk cleanup operation from a DIY operation. Professionals want to get it done quickly and efficiently, without too much wasted effort. They want to have your junk cleaned up and removed, and leave you wondering how it could have happened so quickly. And if you’re a home or business owner looking to lighten your load quickly and efficiently, this type of professional solution is ideal.

Finding the right kind of professional for the job

Obviously if you go for professional junk removal, you want someone experienced, with the right equipment, who’s going to treat your property with respect and work with you to get the final result you want. You also want to avoid unpleasant surprises when the bill comes, or delays due to over-commitment.

There are junk removal professionals out there who can give you fantastic results at surprising rates, but it might take a little research to find them. Stick to established companies with informative websites and a range of services. That way, you’re more likely to hit on a professional who does things the right way, from front to finish.