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Why Spring is the Best Time to Rent a Dumpster

Spring is a great time for a lot of things. For instance, it’s a great time to start going through your closets, basement, attic and storage areas to look for things you no longer need. It’s a great time to clear away the clutter in your home or office environment and focus on revitalizing and renewing those areas for the lighter, warmer months.

This is commonly known as “spring cleaning,” but for a lot of people, the process goes deeper than that. You might have demolition projects you want to accomplish, such as ripping out an old hot tub, taking down a wall (make sure you know what you’re doing, or have a professional look at it for you), demolishing an old toolshed, or any number of other projects.

In the process of doing things, you’ll probably work up a sweat and get some sun. This is a good thing after spending those long winter months cooped up inside. A lot of people enjoy spring cleaning for this very reason.

But there’s another thing you might need as you embark on these kinds of cleanup projects: A dumpster.

It’s one of those rentals that people often overlook. Sometimes they don’t even consider the idea of renting a dumpster until the junk is piled high, and it’s clearly way too much for the municipal garbage service to handle. Then they look up dumpster rental services in their area and quickly pay for a rental dumpster.

There are a couple of main problems with this approach. First, people often miscalculate how big of a dumpster they need, or how long they need it for. Costs can add up if you pay for more days than you need, or end up with too much dumpster space (or not enough). Second, people often rush into a contract with the first dumpster rental service they come across. Sometimes this works out well, and sometimes it doesn’t. The fact is, there are a lot of different companies out there who provide this type of service. Some are highly professional, with modern equipment and vehicles. Others are not so professional. They have not invested in the tools or training necessary to drop off and collect dumpsters efficiently. They might not even be dealing ethically with the junk you throw away.

Spring is certainly a great season to rent a dumpster, but it pays to have a plan and research your options ahead of time. Most dumpster rental companies have a variety of sizes and different rates depending on how long you need the container for. Obviously, you want to find a contractor who offers very competitive rates. But you always want to make sure they know how to do the job efficiently and safely.

It bears mentioning that some dumpster rental companies also do cleanup and demolition work themselves, effectively offering a “one-stop-shop” for cleanup and junk removal needs. Whatever combination of these services you may need, it’s always a good idea to research your options carefully and choose the highest rated and best overall value in your area.