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Dumpster Rental Lakehurst, NJ

For over 20 years now, D&D Disposal has been serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties, so dumpster rental in Lakehurst, New Jersey is always only a phone call away! We deliver dumpsters whenever you need, wherever you want, on budget, and on time, because our customers are our priority number one. All inquiries are answered, your unique requirements are listened to, and both business and residential accounts are welcomed. Our waste bin is an excellent way to clean up a wide variety of waste, from large-scale projects like home-building, re-roofing, to smaller things such as garage maintenance and furniture disposal. Once your dumpster arrive, it will be left securely wherever your local legislation allows, either on the street or on your property.

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A family-run business, we have been serving Central New Jersey with pride ever since launching back in 1997. D&D Disposal provides roll-off containers, clean-up facilities, and a wide variety of demolition services ranging from the smallest bathroom renovation to demolition of entire houses, plus anything and everything in between. Our waste containers can go anywhere you need, even in the tightest locations thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment on the truck we use when servicing Lakehurst, NJ or anywhere else for that matter.

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Junk Removal in Lakehurst, New Jersey

Whether it’s clearing clutter or getting rid of old and dusty furniture, you can rent the right dumpster from us in Lakehurst, NJ. For projects like these, we often use the term “debris box.” And the amount of junk you need removed will determine the dimensions of the debris box dumpster that you are going to need. You can usually expect four truckloads for each ten yd square feet of trash. That means that our twelve yd dumpster can handle around five truckloads, and a truckload of about twenty yds will be loaded onto a dumpster. A thirty yd dumpster can fit around twelve to fifteen truckloads, and a forty yd dumpster can handle around sixteen to twenty loads. For example, a twelve yd dumpster can hold up to two tons, a twenty yd dumpster can hold up to four tons, and a thirty yd dumpster can hold up to five tons. Just remember that some junk can be stacked better than others.

Dependable, On-time, Fair and Friendly Dumpster Rental Services.

Whenever you are renting a dumpster, you should always look for any hidden charges or residence penalties. The total weight, added time, plus special shipping fees, as well as weekend charges all add up fast. So unfortunately, when all the fees added up and you see how much it costs in total, renting one of those cheap dumpsters turns out to not be that cheap at all.

Commercial jobs not starting or finishing on time due to waste container collection can often be more costly than renting them in the first place. So, you should always look at the reviews online for each business to ensure your project won’t be postponed due to terrible customer service. D&D is proud of our customer happiness and our turnaround times, we respond to your queries, and we always know the locations of our drivers as well as our dumpsters. Of course, there can occasionally be some slight delays caused by bad weather or slow traffic, but we will never leave our customers in the dark, while going out of our way to solve problems quickly. As a customer, we understand that you have plenty of choices when renting a dumpster, so we always put you first because want your satisfaction for a job well done so that you will always choose us.

We are sensitive to the environment in Lakehurst, NJ at D&D Disposal!

When you are ready to rent a dumpster in Lakehurst, New Jersey, you should check your local regulations and laws regarding what can and can’t be dumped. That’s because there are strict dumping laws in many areas for items such as propane, asbestos, coolers, paint, gas, petroleum, TV’s, and air conditioners. Every company who rents out dumpsters should always be aware of and comply with all of these laws.

Proper disposal of these items is key to ensure a clean and safe environment. Every town and city is different, so be sure to get further information on your specific dumping laws. Just contact us if you have any questions because we are only too happy to help, as we all want to help keep New Jersey clean. If you know that something cannot be put in a dump for normal disposal in a dumpster, it is vital to find a good legal destination for that item. Please call your local representative in, Lakehurst, NJ for your nearest recycling center to dump hazardous materials.

Lakehurst, NJ is a little borough in the Ocean County. Its history dates back to 1921 when it was incorporated as a borough from parts of Manchester. Lakehurst takes its name from its location, near the woods and small lakes. We love working here, and it has plenty to see and do, particularly during the summer!

Lakehurst, New Jersey
Lakehurst, NJ