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What if I Need My Roll off Dumpster Longer Than Expected?

Well, that is a very good question. You see, roll off rentals all have time periods on them. Most companies provide one week and this is standard throughout the industry. A roll off dumpster may be a big metal box to you, but to us it is as valuable as tools to a mechanic. In fact, they are our tools.


Even though roll off dumpster prices may surprise you, roll off companies work on very low profit margins. We make our money by having many dumpsters and renting those dumpsters as often as possible to maximize our profits. In fact, we must “move” many dumpsters daily just to break even.

Most of the rental fee goes to the disposal facility and another large portion goes to things such as fuel, labor, insurance, etc. The small part left over is what we make. We are successful by “moving” many, many dumpsters daily and it is necessary for us to meet our bills and pay our salaries.

So what this means to you as a customer is that your rental period may have a time limit and you should be sure to ask what that limit is. The next question you should ask is, “what if I need it longer?”.

Every company is free to set their own policy regarding rental periods and these policies can vary widely. If one company can’t suit your specific needs, call another one. Someone will be able to help you, I guarantee it! The low profit margins create stiff competition and some owner/operators have been known to do some pretty crazy stuff for their customers (me included!)

I once found myself swapping dumpsters all night for one of my customers who was doing a night time demolition project. I also left a vacation early to do a big job for a customer once (pitiful, I know). But this is what we do and we love it. Tell the company what you need. Don’t be shy, be up front and ask for an up-front reply. Period. Know exactly what was said and get it in writing if you can.

Most companies also charge a fee if you wish to extend your rental. Here at D&D, we work with our customers to meet their disposal needs and almost always meet them. Most of our rentals extend beyond our rental period and no one is charged extra.

This isn’t always the case, but in most cases we can meet your needs. Tell us what you want and let us work out a plan to meet your requirements. Be sure to get any guaranteed changes to the standard agreement in writing. We will always provide what we say in writing, no questions asked.

I hope this little tip helps make your rental a fun experience.

Be safe, be well and most of all BE HAPPY!

Dale Olander
D&D Disposal
(732) 341-6900