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How Much Weight Can a Roll Off Dumpster Hold? How Much Weight Can a Roll Off Truck Pick Up?

This is a great question and the answer depends upon many different factors. The first and most obvious factor would be what type of material you are putting into the roll off dumpster. A 30 yd roll off filled with packing peanuts is MUCH lighter than that same 30 yd roll off dumpster filled with demolition debris. My theory on roll off rental is all about SPACE.
Since we rent them based upon size, you should be maximizing your use of space! Careful planning and some practical tips offered in other posts on the Learning Center offer additional insights into effective roll off dumpster rental practices will make your experience an easy and convenient way of tackling your particular project.

People ask me all the time, “how much is this going to weigh?” Although every box loaded with the same type of material can vary in weight depending upon how it was loaded, whether it was wet or rained on, how tightly it was packed, and other variables, there are some “standard” weights that can be used to estimate how much your container MAY weigh. Your actual container may vary from these estimates, but this is something you can start with to try to plan your project.

Construction Debris – approx. 1.7 – 1.8 tons/10 yds (excludes masonry debris/tile)

Concrete – approx. 1 ton/1 yd

Concrete block – approx. .8 ton/1 yd

Asphalt – approx. 1.2 ton/1 yd

Dirt – approx. 1.4 ton/1 yd

Stone – approx. 1 ton/yd

Roofing – varies by roof condition but a safe guess is 1 ton/10 square of roofing

House contents- approx. 1 ton/10 yds

*All yardages are cubic yards.

I hope this helps with planning your project and don’t hesitate to call us and ask us what we think about your particular project. We are here to help!!

Be safe, be well and most of all BE HAPPY!

Dale Olander
D&D Disposal
(732) 341-6900