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NJ Junk Removal Laws

When doing a construction or home renovation, it is important to dispose your debris according to the stipulated state laws. The main reason why this is important is this is the only way you can achieve a clean and tidy site. Having this is crucial because it helps minimize any safety concerns of the individuals working on the specific site. This article looks into some important NJ junk removal laws that you should know to ensure a smooth experience.

NJ Junk Removal Laws You Must Adhere To

  • The Use of a Professional Garbage Collector

If you run a business in New Jersey, you must arrange with a private company to collect your garbage after an agreed number of days. If you want to do the junk collection by yourself, you must have a ‘Self-Hauler’ registration and carry your junk in a vehicle with commercial license plates.

Businesses that go ahead and use a private carter to do their junk removal must clearly state the private carter’s name, the collection service, and the days the service is provided. Businesses that personally transport their junk must post their decal with their self-hauler registration number.

  • Laws Regarding Receptacles

According to NJ junk removal laws, junk ought to be placed in leak-proof receptacles with tightly fitting lids, as it awaits removal by the professionals. You can also place garbage in securely tied opaque plastic bags. The law does not recommend the use of clear, red, or blue bags for occasional junk. Apart from this, commercial businesses are required to have receptacles that can contain waste for about 3 days. Failure to do this can attract fines of up to $300.

If junk is supposed to be collected using metal containers or dumpsters, the containers ought to be removed immediately after the collection happens. If nobody is available to do the removal, a few hours are allowed before the issuance of a Notice of Violation. You should remove the dumpsters from the streets or sidewalks and place them inside the business premises. Furthermore, the garbage containers should be maintained in a clean and neat condition, and the area around them should be clean and tidy.

  • Proper and Improper Waste Disposal

When it comes to waste disposal, you might do some things that might be against the law. For instance, litter baskets are not ideal for the disposal of household or commercial garbage. In addition to this, laws exist in regards to the best way to discard harmful products. You should thus review these regulations to ensure you have no issues with the state government.

  • Prohibited Items

Junk lying on your house can be quite irritating and should be removed. However, NJ junk removal laws do prohibit the hauling of some items such as anything containing asbestos, oils, paints, cars, and other products of similar nature.

Benefits of Working with a Professional Junk Removal Company

They ensure you are Compliant

In regards to NJ junk removal laws, the main advantage of working with a professional junk removal company is that they possess the knowledge and thus offer a service that abides to different laws and regulations. Working with experts thus means that your project is fully compliant and you will have no issues with the government.

Protection of the Environment

The main reason why the government comes up with different junk removal laws is to protect the environment. The government understands that garbage and waste products can harm the environment. Junk removal laws encourage different measures to protect the environment such as recycling. Such a method helps reduce the amount of junk taken to landfills, meaning less contamination to the environment. Since junk removal companies have an understanding of the different laws, they can work with you to ensure environmental protection.

When it comes to junk removal in New Jersey, you need to make sure that you follow the stipulated laws and regulations to ensure no issues between you and the local government. Following the laws is important, as it helps ensure everybody working on your site is safe. Since NJ junk removal laws may be too complicated to understand, especially when all you want to do is have your junk removed, using a professional junk removal company can help you overcome this problem. The main reason behind this is that they have the needed experience and expertise and most importantly, have the right understanding and knowledge of junk removal laws in New Jersey. They will thus help ensure that your specific project abides to the state laws, which means that you will not be on the wrong side of the law.